Cocomong Season2 VOD 1.3

Cocomong Season2 VOD 1.3


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Date Added:28 October, 2014

Author: Mets HIT

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- Good-bye to being picky eater~ your English skills will grow, grow!"
- Grand prize at the Korean character award, an animation that was awarded the President's Award!
fresh world Cocomong!
- Change your Eating habits through fresh world Cocomong's second story "Cocomong Season 2
- Learning is doubly effective because you can enjoy the Korean and English version
- Episode 1 and Episode 2 (Korean and English) are given for free so don't miss this opportunity!

- About the Animation
Roboking who becomes stronger when eating fruit and vegetables and Cocomong who has returned! Cocomong and his friends are having loads of fun at the Fresh Farm filled with fresh nutritious vegetables and at the newly improved fun and exciting Fresh Amusement Park! However, because of global warming, Germ King has appeared and along with his men are planning to take over Fresh Town and use the poor eating habits of Cocomong and his friends to drop their Fresh energy¦
Let's see if Cocomong and his friends can protect Fresh Town and develop good eating habits.

- Main Functions
- Watch Cocomong VOD
- Watch the opening/ending
- (Korean/English) Change version
- Erase VOD (when there isn't enough space)

- Content Organization
- Opening/Ending
- Every episode of Cocomong Season 2 (26 episodes in total) x 15 mins

1. Let™s Go Robocong?
2. Do Not Leave Your Food
3. New Things are Good!(I like New Things!)
*4. The Secret of the Suk Suk Potion
5. Let™s Brush Our Teeth ?
6. The Surprise Party?
7. Where is the Carrot?
*8. Let™s Wash Our Hands?
9. Up and Away Robocong!
10. What Happened, Virus King?
*11. Oh No! Agle Is Missing!?
12. Let™s Play Outside!?
13. The New Cook in Cing Cing Village
*14. Oh no, Kero! ?
15. We like Cocomong?
16. I don™t like the washing dishes ?
17. Go go, Aromi! ?
18. Conserve Water?
19. Don™t Let Go!?
20. Candy Pang™s Invitation?
21. Doori™s Paper Plane?
22. Watch out for Sugar?
23. Hurry Hurry!?
24. Let™s Go to Bed Early?
25. Who is my Secret Friend?
*26. Let™s Keep Our Promise

- Notice
- Because two files (Korean and English) are downloaded the same time download speeds may be slow.
- When downloading video a large amount of data is consumed so download in a Wi-fi environment.
- Even when deleting the app if you download from the same account you won't be charged again.
- When you are first charged you will be charged one dollar as a test, this is only a test and will be refunded.
- If the previous video who have purchased is locked when you reinstall the app touch the restore purchase button and the purchased video will be automatically restored.
- When the storage space is restored delete the video using the delete button. If you restore the purchase don't worry because the deleted video will be automatically restored.
- Inquiries regarding purchases and refunds are the responsibility of Apple so please direct any questions to the App Store.
- Additional inquiries:

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

Systems: iOS

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